Healthy Dinners with The Good Food Collective

For our upcoming Dinner Club, We have partnered with our friends at the Good Food Collective to offer you Green Zebra Catering Company's amazingly delicious meals with a local focus!  If you aren’t familiar, The Good Food Collective strives to provide the best fresh and frozen local produce, meats, dairy, and dry goods available in our area throughout the year...and they are AWESOME!  We are so excited for you to taste the best of the season!

The Menu

Week 1:  House made Local Chicken Sausage (Autumn's Harvest) with Colcannon (Williams Farms), Blueberry Mustard (The Farm Bridge), and Sautéed Green beans (The Farm Bridge)
*V Option with Root Vegetable and Grain Burger

Week 2:  Spinach, Caramelized Onion, and Goat Cheese Tart (The Farm Bridge, Williams Farms, First Light Creamery, and Farmer's Ground), Local Tomato Bisque (The Farm Bridge), Marinated Carrot (Juniper Hill Farm) and Kohlrabi (Stick and Stone) Salad*V Option with House made Cashew Cheese

Week 3:  Beef Shawarma (Autumn's Harvest), Zhug (cilantro-pepper) and Toum (garlic) sauces, Rice Pilaf, Sumac Roasted Carrots (juniper hill) with House made Labne (First Light Creamery), Pomegranate Molasses and Micro Cilantro (Thunder Mountain)
*V Option with Black Bean Falafel (Callan Farms) and Almond Labne

Week 4:  Mushroom, Corn and Cheddar tamales (Little Sprout Farms, The Farm Bridge, and Cuba Cheese Shop), Black Bean, Corn and Spiced Pepita Salad (Callan Farms, The Farm Bridge, Partyka Farm), and Pickled Vegetable Slaw (Williams Farms, Stick and Stone Farm)
*V Option with Miyoko's Kitchen Vegan Mozzerella

Week 5:  Red Wine Braised Chicken (Autumn's Harvest) Pepperonata (The Farm bridge), Bel Ciello polenta cakes (Farmers Ground and Muranda Cheese) and Garlicky Broccoli (Fisher Hill Farm and The Farm Bridge)*V option with House made Seitan (using local onions, garlic and tomato)

Week 6:  Pork Tonkatsu (Autumn's Harvest), Pickled Shitake Mushroom Relish (Fruit of the Fungi), Shredded Cabbage and Radish (Callan Farms and Stick and Stone Farm), and Roasted Turnips (Stick and Stone Farms)
*V Option with House made Seitan (using local onions, garlic and tomato)